Is it Spring yet?

As often is the case in the month of March, and this year is no different, I am dreaming of spring. Daylight saving time started on the weekend (yay!) so now we are enjoying lighter evenings, but I am very excited to put away the boots and winter coats. We are in the middle of a storm storm currently, so I’m fairly certain my wishes for spring weather won’t be a reality for another month, but a girl can hope.

This month I have been playing with Ali Edwards newest digital kit for March which has lots of elements for spring, and spring break and blooms and if I can’t feel it outside,  at least it’s fun to play with it inside.

I created two projects using the kit this month. First I created a page about my daughter ‘blooming’ into the spunky kid she it today.



For my second page, I told the story of a weekend adventure my daughter and I went on with our best friends. I had SO many photos I wanted to use for the story, so I decided to use a collage layered template. Love that it shows so many fun shots from the weekend, at a glance.



I hope you enjoyed and check out the kit yourself! And fingers crossed spring is on the way.


Lots of Bonding.

This month the AE story kit theme is BOND. This month was a good one for me, I actually had more story ideas than time – always a good thing. I created three pages with the digital kit and will likely make a few more once my physical kit arrives in the mail, too. There are so many stories that could be told about bonds and I love the three that I now have documented.


This first page I created to tell the story of my daughter and one of her good buddies. They have been friends since they were babies so this was a story that I loved finally being able to tell. I loved using the digital elements from the kit to help tell the story.


I used my silhouette to cut out this ampersand from last months’ numbers themed kit and then used the digital brushes to make the background.


Next up I created this tone on tone page documenting a story about my brother and me, again just to thankful to have this story documented.


I used my silhouette some more to cut all the words and then did some fun layering.


The last page I created telling a story of my lifelong friendship with my best friend – I had  a lot of fun reminiscing as I wrote the journaling for this page and looked back at photos. I decided to mostly use more current photos, but love how this one turned out as well.


I hope you get a chance to check out this kit yourself, it it definitely one of my new favourites.

February Love

Let’s face it, around here (eastern Canada) February is NOT the most fun month – it’s COLD, it’s dreary and icy. It’s also pretty snowy – especially this year which is good and bad. So this month I really really have to dig deep to find things to love (like it being a LITTLE shorter than the other winter months!).

I was super excited to get to work with the new Ali Edwards February digital kit this month and create some pages all about love. Here is a look at what I came up with.


First up I created this fun page listing a bunch of things I’m liking or loving right now. I used a ‘stamp’ from the kit to indicate if it’s something I’m liking or loving – love how that turned out.


Next I created this super simple page about my daughter (who is LOVING February).


For this page I just added word art to the photo, printed it out at 8.5 x 11 and then added a printed accent from the chipboard set in the kit.


Lastly, I created a page talking about my tattoo. This story came to me when I saw the kit and realized I could mimic the look of my tattoo with the digital word art.



For the ‘a story about love’ title I cut that from one of the digital journal cards. I loved getting to use this kit this month. You can check out all the AE creative team projects later this month on Ali’s site here.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day!



January Projects

January crafting for me was about getting some goals/plans down on paper. The January digital kit from Ali Edwards was just what I needed to get some ideas flowing. I loved working with this kit. I am so thrilled to be a part of Ali Edwards’ Creative Team this year and plan to share my projects here.

First up I had an idea to write down all the big, little, silly and serious plans, wishes, dreams and goals I have for the whole year. It was fun to just write it all out. Then I used this as a background for the awesome hand drawn word goals by Ali Edwards. Then I just added a full size recent photo of myself. I think this will be fun to look back at over the year.


Next, I wanted to hone in on just three real “resolutions” I have for the year. Those are simply to run, to write and to read. I created this simple page documenting a bit more about each of those things, here. On this page I used word art from the January AE kit and also the plastic words from the latest story kit; Numbers.


Lastly, I created this fun page highlighting 5 things about my daughter right now, at age five. These are some of my most favourite pages to make. I used digital elements from the Numbers story kit to bring this page together. I love the look of numbers as a design element on a page. The title “You know this” is my daughter’s most common way to start a conversation.


I hope you all had a great month, hope to see you back here in February.

December Daily® Day 9-25


I was hoping to get back on here sooner to share more pages, but alas, as the season often goes I just didn’t get the time (or the daylight hours to take photos, more accurately). So, here comes a huge post with the rest of my album from day 9 through to Christmas day.


December 9th | Today we had an unexpected snow day. So, it was easy to pick my story for the day. I used a lot of supplies from the Ali Edwards Main kit for this page and a stamp from an older no longer available set. I printed this photo at 6×8 and punched holes and put in directly into my album. I added an avery index tab.


It opens up to this full double page photo (printed at 12×8 and cut in half) I took of the front of our house. I had pinned something similar on pinterest  and loved how it looked and wanted to try something like it. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s hard to read in this photo, but I added my typed journaling directly onto the photo before printing and digital word art from the Jasmine Jones digital kit.


December 10th | We attended a music recital for my daughter on this day. I had our tickets and the program that I wanted to use so I created a pocket on the back of the large 6×8 photo from the day before and then added the falala plastic piece to the front. On the right side I used a digital layered template the came  from the Ali Edwards’ Hybrid class.


December 11th | Today we had a small birthday party for my daughter, who turned 5 on the 13th. I printed a large 6×8 photo of her for the left and on the right I added a card from the Paislee Press kit and a 3×4 photo of my daughter opening a gift and paired that with a 4×6 journal card from the main kit. I typed my journaling to get more of the story in and then printed it out directly onto the card.


December 12th | Today I told a story about taking some time to read a few Christmas books to my daughter. I just made a very simple page with a photo, journal card and some typed journaling that I printed out on a digital journal card from the Paislee Press kit.


December 13th | This was my daughter’s actual birthday. I started out with this tag that I had from my stash and paired some stamped journaling with some hand writing and a date stamp on the bottom. The star and ribbon are from the main kit. I also added an avery index tab on the side.


On the bag on the tag I used some star patterned paper from the main kit and a wood veneer 13 (old). On the right side I added a couple photos. On the bottom I created a flip up card to reveal another hidden photo.



December 14th | This was my birthday so I created another very simple page to document it. On the bottom I cut some card stock to 4×6 and glued down the  journal card (from the Jasmine Jones kit) to one side, added a stamp and hand wrote my journaling and called it good. I added the 14 from this digital stamp set before printing the photo.


December 15th | For this day I used an idea that Ali herself had done (see here) I created tags for each person in my family and on the back we each wrote a few things about Christmas. Love having this in my album.


December 16th | I have been very involved in a Holiday Cheer program through my work and it’s basically been taking over my December so I really wanted to make sure I documented that in my album. Here I used a digital layered template to write out the story. I added the plastic word Cheer from an old Story kit.


December 17th | Here I documented the story of our elf. A very simple page. I just hand wrote journaling on a card, and used a filler journal card from Jasmine Jones kit and a filler card from the main kit (with an older 17 number from a previous years kit).


December 18th | I think this might be my favourite page from the album. I added the letter stickers (from the main kit) right on top of the page protector. Then using an idea from the DD Facebook group, I printed those words from an older Ali Edwards digital kit and hand wrote my journaling.


December 19th | On this day I wrote about my friend and I having a movie date. I printed that photo of us holding our Starbucks drinks big and then trimmed it down to fit into those 2×2 pockets. I had just trimmed one row off the side of that page protector.


December 20th | This was  another simple day. I just one photo of all the Cheer gift bags I was putting together at work with a journal card that said 10 things from the main kit. I just hand wrote about 10 things that were happening that day. I also added in a Christmas card my daughter had made for me. I just punched holes and added it in.


December 21st | I had a carol sing at work on this day with a group of seniors so I told that story here. On the photo I used some word art form an Ali Edwards digital layered template. The journal card is from the Paislee Press kit.


December 22nd | This was one of those days that I was super busy and didn’t take any photos. I still wanted to tell the story of wrapping gifts and our paper so I added that in for this day. The digital word art was from freebie from Ali Edwards, found here. For the journaling I printed it out on the back on one of the patterned papers from the main kit (which has a grid pattern) then added the number, a stamp and some embellishments.  On the right is  a 3×8 page protector with some patterned paper (Paislee Press) and embellishments.


December 23rd | I told the story of getting the opportunity to deliver some of the gift bags I helped to organize over the month here. I used a 3×8 digital layered template (here) and a large star from the Surprise story kit. The photo was printed at 6×8 and I added some masking tape from an older kit.


December 24th | After a busy month we needed some peace and calm. I told the story of a quite Christmas Eve in, here. I used lots of supplies from the main, and journal cards from Jasmine Jones and Paislee Press kits.


December 25th | Lastly I did two spreads for Christmas day. I wanted to include a lot of photos to give a good look at our day.


I ended with an enlarged photo of our family, a journal card (Jasmine Jones) and I hand wrote, mixed with stamps, some things I want to remember about our day.


And I finished off with this full page from Jasmine Jones.

And that, my friends, just about does it. I loved doing this project, as always, and I think this might be the first year I have completed the entire thing before the New Year. I always finish, just usually it goes into January. I am so happy to call this done and add it to my collection. Happy New Year to you all!


December Daily® Day 1-8


Hello December – or should I say, how is it December 13th already?? I am making my way through my December Daily® album and LOVING it as always. Are you new to December Daily®? Check out Ali Edwards blog here for all the details! Basically, it is a daily memory keeping album created for the month of December (or the days leading up to Christmas, at least) and the idea is to document one story per day. This will be my 9th year (!!!) participating in this project and I still love it so very much.

I have been getting so much inspiration this year from the December Daily® Facebook group as well as on instagram, search #decemberdaily  for lots of fun ideas.


For my cover page I got my daughter to draw me a picture of a Christmas tree (see original idea here) I LOVE how it turned out – and since she is all about drawing right now it was something she was more than happy to do.


I went a little crazy this year and ordered THREE of the kits available through Ali Edwards shop. I am using the Main kit, the Jasmine Jones kit and the Paislee Press kit for the album this year – with some older products mixed in too. I am also using some of the digital products and really love playing with those. The calendar page came from the Jasmine Jones kit, and I used an older digital product (found here) for my intentions or reason why page.


December 1st | I told the story of my daughter getting her advent calendar – her elf ‘Purple’ brought it to her this morning. I used a digital layered template (found here) for the left side, printed and added a few physical products and the right side is a 12 pocket 2×2 page protector with one row trimmed off. I cut up some of the packaging from her advent calendar to use in some of the pockets. Side note: the advent calendar is from Playmobil and my daughter has loved it this year (and one last year too).


December 2nd | I told a story about going to see a Christmas play with our best friends. I cut up part of the program for the top pockets on the left side and just slipped in the photos and some hand written journaling on the right.



December 3rd | I took some photos of my daughter writing (and colouring) her letter for Santa, I typed up my story and just printed it right on the photo – printed at 6×8. Then I wrote my own little letter and added it to a 3×4 pocket.


December 4th | The story of getting our Christmas tree. We had so much fun going with friends to a tree lot and cutting down our tree. We definitely will be doing this again. I used another digital layered template to create the left side (found here) and also added some word art. On the left side I printed a photo big and created a flip open page – love how it turned out.



The left side is the back of the flip open page  – another favourite photo from picking out our tree. I just punched holes right into the picture and put it directly into the album.

December 5th| The left is another super simple page. I snapped a photo of my table and my friend, we were working on our albums together. Then I hand wrote five things about that day and slipped in a transparency from the Paislee Press kit.


December 6th | We decorated our tree. The right side is a photo I printed at 3×8 and slipped in a pocket and just added some stamping on the number 6.  On the left I used a 4×6 photo with some phrase stickers and the top is the back of the transparency from the previous day and a decorative journal card from the Jasmine Jones kit. I really wanted to use that card for the day we decorated our tree, but didn’t have any space for my story so I created a pocket and added my journaling inside.



December 7th | I loved the idea of choosing a day to be grateful for all the good things in my life so I did this day 7. I used a digital layered template with the prompts already on it and just hand wrote a list of things I am thankful for. I used a tag from last year’s kit for the date.

The right side is a selfie that I took of me and my daughter that day, paired with a gratitude card from the Jasmine Jones kit.


I just added some ribbon and washi tape (from last year) to the back of the tag.


December 8th | I attended a work party  this day so added the story to the Dear Santa card from the main kit. I Just covered the dear Santa and love from parts with a rubber tag and a word sticker (I saw someone else do this in the Facebook group and thought it looked great). (I blurred out the faces of my coworkers to protect their privacy).


The right side is a 4 3×4 pocket page that I trimmed down. The number 8 is from last year’s main kit. I had one more photo to include so I used that great holiday party time card from the Jasmine Jones kit and created a flip up.

And that’s it so far…

I am absolutely loving this project (always) and am so thankful that it helps me to appreciate and enjoy the season so much more.




Hybrid Love

Have you guys heard of hybrid scrapbooking? Basically it’s using both digital and physical elements when creating scrapbook pages and layouts. I’ve always dabbled in “hybrid” and recently Ali Edwards offered a class called Hybrid. I have never been disappointed in an Ali Edwards class and knew with the basics I already had under my belt I could only learn more. I loved the class and got so many great additional ideas from it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to just traditional scrapbooking now. I’ve got a few hybrid pages to share today. Hope you enjoy!


I used my silhouette to cut out the title for this page, cut file came from this months story kit from Ali Edwards – still a few more days to order this theme. Find it here.


Next up is one more page I created using the same Up story kit.



And finally a page I created using a past story kit, with the Drive theme. sftr1



Thanks for stopping by! I hope this might inspire you to try some “hybrid” scrapbooking too!

PS) There is a past sale kit happening sometime this month on if there was a kit you missed and might like to get your hands on.

Busy creating.

Lately, I’ve definitely been in the season of creating. It absolutely comes and goes, but I have been so happy to be able to get more stories told. I keep a list of story ideas and when I have time to create or write I check my list and see what stories I feel like telling at that time.

For the first layout I used the Tough story kit from Ali Edwards from a few months ago. I actually had the journaling done for this page for a while and finally put it all together to make a page.



I’m super happy to get this story told.

For the next page I used the Believe story kit from Ali Edwards . The original idea for this page came from the Ali Edwards classroom (an online class that comes as part of the story kit subscription through Ali Edwards subscription program). It the video presentation for this theme she talked about creating a list of things you believe in. I loved this idea and started a list right away. When I was looking through my story ideas I realized I had a good list and wanted to get that story told.



Again, I’m just so thankful to have that story captured on paper.

I’m back! 

Well I didn’t really plan to take a 6 month hiatus from this blog- but sometimes life happens. I finally took some long overdue creative time this weekend and made my job creating some pages. I’m so thankful I took the time and got back into creating layouts.

First up, I had the journaling done for a page about what my daughter has been into, for a while and just hadn’t taken the time to finish the page. I printed the journaling and title out and the added the picture and a few embellishments on top. Love these kinds of stories that capture life right now- and things I definitely won’t remember in years to come.


Next up I created this page using some elements from the latest story kit from Ali Edwards. The theme for this month is “ME”. It was fun to get down a few things about me.


My daughter started school this year and I wanted to created a Page using this fabulous photo I took of her on her first day. I loved the spunky posing she was doing in this photo so I went BIG and printed it as a 12×12 and used the photo as my background for this layout. The journaling talks about all the ways we are proud and excited for this new adventure for her. I used some elements from the “Believe” story kit for this layout.


Lastly I created a page celebrating my husband and me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being thankful ( Thanksgiving, maybe?), and celebrating all the good times and not taking them for granted. So I wanted to document those feeling in a layout.


Thanks so much for looking. I hoping to get back into some more regular blogging again. Next up I am planning to get caught up on a few weeks in my Project Life album. I plan to be back soon,  with some updates from that. Have a great week!

Day in the Life

Today I joined Ali Edwards to document a day in my life – this is a documenting project first introduced by Ali whereby you take lots of photos and notes and document one day in your life.

Here’s a look at my day in photos:

5:01 | got up and dressed for an early morning run.

6:02 | return home from 5k. Take this shot in the semi dark.


6:04 | the messiness of life right now. So much footwear for the season transitions.


Shower and eat breakfast.

7:01 | Head upstairs for a snuggle with Stella to wake her up.


7:15 | Teeth brushing.


We say goodbyes to Daddy and head out the door.

7:44 | Stop for tea at Tim Horton’s.


7:45 | on our way to daycare.


8:03 | the commute begins.


9:07 | at my desk, ready to start the work day.


10:14 | I sign up online for a 5k run that is coming up in May that I am running with a friend.


11:06 | work, work, work.


11:45 | take a walk to the grocery store to get away from my desk for a bit.

FullSizeRender (1)

2:31 | back in the car, head to a client home for an assessment.


4:40 | commute home, rainy and slushy drive home.


I go to a community meeting re:health care in our communities.

7:40 | I go to the hall where Jay has boxing class tonight to pick up Stella who went with him until I finished my meeting.


7:41 | Quick selfie before Stella and I head home.


7:55 | an Easter parcel arrived from Nanny and Grampie for Stella. She opens it up.


7:57 | new boots!


8:08 | a quick story before bed.


8:11 | and another selfie.


I tidy  up a bit and then upload and edit photos.

10:05 | a bit of reading before bed.


10:59 | lights out (later than I had planned).


I decided a fun addition to documenting the day with photos would be to also keep track of the day via numbers. Here are the results:

Money spent: $66.51

Photos taken: 37

Temperature: 4 degrees

Steps taken: 15 076

Emails received: 25

E-mails sent: 10

Time spent in the car: 164 minutes

Texts sent: 144 (holy cow!)

Texts received: 186!!

Hugs given: countless 🙂


Thanks for taking a look at my day. I’ll be sure to share here how I pull it all together into my scrapbook album.