August Stories

Hello friends, it simultaneously feels like I’ve done so very much this summer and yet also that it went by in a flash. I can hardly believe September and back to school routines are around the corner. I likely lament this every year. Luckily I love the fall, so while it’s bittersweet to see summer end- good things are in store.

This month I’m telling stories using a few of the lastest releases from Ali Edwards. First up, I finally told the story about Stella ending her first year of school. I’ve had these photos printed and ready for over a month now, so this kit was just the nudge I needed to get the story documented. The August digital release is all about stories, all different kinds, which is my favourite kind of kit- wonderfully universal and can be used again and again.

Here is a look at my first layout:

For my next layout I used this digital travel journal card set. It was perfect for telling the story of our recent vacation. It wasn’t a long vacation by any stretch but we packed it full of fun.

I hope you get a chance to tell some stories this month too!

Lost & Found Stories


This month I am telling stories with the latest Ali Edwards Story kit – Lost & Found. The first obvious story idea that came to mind for me was telling the literal story of losing and finding things. It’s an ongoing funny story around our house. My husband is self-admittedly terrible for losing things. I told the story of a few of the funny times this has happened with this first layout.


I used all digital elements form the digital kit and just printed them out for this page. I repeated the ‘Lost and Found’ several times to make a background on the right side and then layered my journaling on top, printed on vellum.


The next layout I created with this kit was telling the story of a recent trip we took for friends wedding. They got married at the most beautiful location, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It was stunning.


I changed the colours on the ‘Let’s get lost’ journal card in PSE to match my photo. Then I used a 4×6 journal card on the bottom from the recent July digital kit from Ali Edwards to hold my journaling. I love mixing it up with some 6×8 layouts now and then.



I hope you will check out the latest story kit and thanks for checking in.


July Projects

It’s summertime and the livin is easy around here. We are making the most of the warm days and doing lots of our favourites – swimming, trips to the park, riding bikes and always, running. 

With all these fun summer activities I have had no shortage of bright sunny photos to use for pages- my favourite. My first page came together pretty quick using a circle punch, digital file from the July Ali Edwards digital kit and a few added embellishments. Love how bright and fun it looks!

My husband & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last week so I definitely wanted to document that story. I really love that you can do so much with digital kits. I used a journal card from the same July Ali Edwards digital kit and word art from the Family digital stamp set to help bring this double 12×12 layout together. 

Thanks so much for ‘stopping by’ and I hope you are enjoying these lovely summer days too! 

So many ideas!

There are definitely ebbs and flows to my creative mojo, as I would guess happens to most people. One of my favourite ways to spark creativity is by taking online (or in person, if possible) memory keeping or scrapbooking classes.  I’ve taken a lot of classes over the years and I love how I learn something fresh or new or get an idea I just can’t wait to try.

This was definitely the case for the lasted class I just finished called TYPE from Ali Edwards (my most favourite person to take classes from, too, as it happens). I can’t speak highly enough about how much I loved this class- the content was so interesting and inspiring and I literally have a list of ideas that I want to try on some upcoming projects. It’s definitely one of those classes I’ll come back to again and again.  Not to mention the amazing oh so talented Pam Baldwin was a contributor to the class and let’s face it, everything she creates is gold!! The live portion of the class just ended, but you can take the same class anytime at your own pace now, check it out here!

Here is a look at a few of the recent pages I created as a result of the class inspiration.

I think this page just looks so cool! I took this picture of my daughter on a recent trip to the park. I thought the blurred area on her body would be a great home for my stamped message. I just love looking at this.

I began working on this page celebrating my Dad around Father’s Day and I just couldn’t get the left side just right. I’m so glad that I just took a break and came back to it because I’m really happy with how it turned out. I used my silhouette to cut the ‘love you Dad’ from vellum and layered that over top. Digital file came from this awesome AE kit.

Last one for today is this 6×8 spread about my daughter. I’ve had this photo printed for a while, from another project that I didn’t end up using, and decided it would be a fun opportunity to use it to try one of the ideas from the class. I created this background so easily on my computer just using a cool looking font, enlarging it and repeating my sentiment ‘Stella you are so loved.’ I think the black on white really pops and again just love the way it looks.

I’m super excited to try out many more of the ideas from the class. I hope you’ll check it out!

June Projects


This month I relied heavily on the Ali Edwards June Digital kit to inspire the stories I was going to tell. Luckily the kit was so great this month and I had tons of ideas. The first thing I noticed about the kit was all the Father’s day and Dad related elements – I knew this would be a great opportunity to celebrate both my Dad (page still in progress) and my husband as a Dad. And then, of course, all the awesome summer related elements. The weather has been so lovely here and we have been taking advantage so I knew it would be fun to make a layout celebrating getting summer started.

Here’s a look at how my pages turned out:



I am really enjoying trying out the 6×8 size for layouts. It really does help focus on the story and takes the pressure off the design, usually that comes fairly quickly after you decide where the words are going to go.  I have never really used this size much for anything other than mini books (WITL or December Daily®) but it has been fun trying it out.




For this one, I printed out a full 8.5×11 photo of my daughter at the lake and then talked about how our summer is getting started. I enjoyed playing around a little more with the digital elements on this one and used my silhouette to cut out the large title.

I am currently taking the TYPE class from Ali Edwards and have been loving all the ideas for playing with type, you can see some of those in my recent layouts.



This last page I made using this month’s Ali Edwards digital Story kit, the theme this month is FUN. I was so excited when I first saw this kit, I love the stamps, the sentiments and the colours. I have quite a few pages ideas still for this kit and plan to make a few more when the physical kit arrives, but I was dying to try out this repeated word idea (also from the TYPE class) on this layout. I snapped these silly photos of my daughter the other night when we were out playing in out yard and I knew they would be the perfect fit. I don’t know about you guys, but I have more than my fair share of alpha stickers and this was super fun (like a puzzle) to put together.

Hope you are busy enjoying all the summer!

Brave Stories


This month I had the opportunity to tell some stories about being Brave. I used the Brave Digital kit from Ali Edwards. 


I did a 5k road race a few weekends ago, trying to get back into running. I loved the chance to tell a story about that and how it’s been such an important part of my story.


For the second page I created, I took the opportunity to write a letter to my daughter, both telling her how I hope she is brave in life and celebrating they ways she already is. Once again, so thankful for the opportunity that this hobby gives me to celebrate and cheer on those we love.


I hope you get the chance to check out this kit, and tell some brave stories of your own.

May Projects


This month I had the pleasure of working with the new May Digital Kit created and released by Ali Edwards. This kit has so many fun themes within it – Mothers, self-care, friends, it has lots of versatility and I love the colours.

Since I love any opportunity to celebrate those I love I decided to do a page talking about all the amazing Mamas I am so lucky to have in my life. Here is a look at how it came out.


I also used a bunch of those awesome circles from last month’s Lens Story kit.

Next up, Ali also released a super fun digital word art kit all about pets. This was a timely release for me because we recently adopted a beautiful dog into our family. So I HAD to share that story.



Thanks for checking out my projects this month, I hope you will check out the new digital releases this month in Ali Edwards shop – so great!

April Projects


Today I want to share some of the AE Creative Team projects I was working on this month. I created two layouts using some of the new digital releases for April. When I first saw this awesome kit I ,of course, thought I would use to create some kind of Easter layout. However when Easter rolled around I didn’t love the photos I took and decided I just wanted to add them in my regular PL album. I did however have a story I wanted to tell about a gathering we had with some friends of mine from childhood and I loved how I was still able to use elements from this kit to create the page.


This photo was taken with my cell phone and was pretty grainy so I just changed it to black and white and kept the layout neutral with one pop of colour. So happy to have this story documented.


After participating in Week in the Life™ all last week, I captured a few photos I really loved (well more than a few – a ton) and decided to take few and tell a longer story (as well as the story I will tell with it in my album). I used word art from the Week in the Life™ Layered Templates Vol 4  to create the title for this layout.


I was SO happy when I saw this photo of my daughter and me, that my husband took last weekend and knew immediately it would tell a great story. Love how it turned out.


Next up I created two layouts this month using the Lens Digital Kit from Ali Edwards. I love how this theme can really work for so many kinds of stories. However, as soon as I took this photo of my daughter in her favourite spot I knew it was a story begging to be told.


I used my silhouette to cut the title out.



My second layout used another photo taken during Week in the Life™ by my friend.


I’m feeling super thankful this month for the chance and the push to tell some stories that I know I will treasure and that I also know, I may not have taken the time to record if I wasn’t slowing down and paying attention and a part of the 2017 AE Creative team. 


Week in the Life™ – Sunday Stories


Here we are, the final day of documenting. I had some ups and downs throughout this week – sometimes I was really into the documenting (today) and other times I was less excited (some of the work days). I made it to the end though and I am so glad I did. I am really happy with all the photos together and am really looking forward to bringing them all together into an album in the coming weeks.

Here is a look at Sunday.


7:13 am | Stella is the first to wake, as usual. She ended up in bed with me sometime during the night. As is our custom when we spend the night with our friends, we get up and get ready to go so we don’t wake them, and they are given the chance to sleep in.


7:29 am | As we are preparing to head out the door I take a few minutes to try and get a picture of us getting our things on, as I am playing around with the camera I get this accidental photo of the cat, Angus, coming down to see what we are up to.


7:32 am | Stella remembers that she left her stuffed monkey in the play room, so she goes to find it. I take a self portrait in the hallway mirror.


8:23 am | We drive home and get breakfast when we arrive. Cereal for Stella today.


8:58 am | I want to edit some photos, but my compute isn’t turning on, I can’t seem to figure it out so Jason comes to help me. Turns out the power bar that the monitor was plugged into got switched off somehow. Catastrophe averted.


9:18 am | Stella needs a bath in a bad way from all the fun we had (and dirt we collected) at the zoo yesterday so I fill up the tub and she grabs a bunch of toys. Jason and I both smile to each other as we overhear her playing and chatting away with her toys.


9:20 am | Jason gets his guitar out for some practicing. He has been so busy with work lately that he hasn’t had much chance to play. I am happy to see him take the time today.


10:24 am | After a super long bath, Stella is finally ready to get out and dressed. She loves that I am taking photos today and asks if she can pose. I get a bunch of photos. She asks to see after each snap I take and turns into a fit of giggles and promptly asks me to take another. Love this girl.


10:30 am | She eventually decides to get dressed. She is happy that it is Sunday and she is allowed to wear whatever she wants.


11:22 am | She is back at her table for some colouring and cutting.


12:11 pm | Jason gets some work done. Rarely does a weekend go by that he doesn’t spend at least a few hours catching up on some work.


12:16 pm | I notice the light and our shoes as I head back upstairs after changing some laundry.


12:25 pm | We empty the dishwasher together, often a shared task if we are both around.



12:32 pm | We make salads for lunch.



12:49 pm | We eat lunch together at the table. Stella had a sandwich which she finished before we even sat down.


1:39 pm | Sunday chores.


2:03 pm | Jason’s parents stop in for a visit and ask to take Stella to Tim Horton’s for a hot chocolate and a donut. She is super excited. I decide to head out for a run while they are gone.


3:38 pm | Stella gets back just after I do. She asks if we can “race” in the driveway. I actually love this too and am always impressed with how fast she is.


3:42 pm | After a while I get tired so she switches to riding her bike for a while. I head in to shower.


4:13 pm | After I get showered and dressed I find Stella singing and playing her ukulele downstairs. She is always singing and making up new songs. (Note the outfit change, when she found out she would be going out with Grammie and Papa, she decided she needed to wear a skirt).

2017-04-23 16.21.45

4:21 pm | I fold some clothes and change some more laundry.

2017-04-23 16.36.55

4:36 pm | Then Stella and I leave to run a few errands. First we go to the library to return a few books and pick out some new ones. Stella picks out two. One is all about loud noises, which she is excited about because she just learned about fortissimo in music class yesterday.

2017-04-23 17.16.23

5:16 pm | Next we go to the grocery store.


5:56 pm | After we get home and get the groceries unpacked I start supper. Then its pj’s and a little reading and bed.

Some last thoughts on this project:

In hindsight I wish I had used my big camera more in the first part of the week – I really love the shots I got with it on the weekend. I need to remember that for next time.

When I was able to get some really good photos, it made me even more excited about taking photos and experimenting with my camera. I loved that.

As always I got some amazing photos that will be some of my most favourite, this is one of the reasons I love this project so much.

I loved that my two best friends, while not interested in doing the week long documentation, both chose to do a day in the the life one of the days over the week.

I loved the Week in the Life™ Community and all the support and all the blog posts – having so many like minded memory keepers working on the same project as the same time is just rad. And powerful.

Still just love this project.

Next up I will be working on bringing all the photos and words together into an album. I’m excited to get started.


Week in the Life™ – Saturday Stories


Hello Weekend I am so happy you are here. We had tons of fun things on the go today so lots of great photo opportunities. Today I actually took the time to use my big camera and I am SO happy I did. It makes so much difference. Now I really wish I had took more with it through the week. Oh well. I think I might make a goal to only (or mostly) use it for my Sunday photos.

Here is a look at Saturday.

2017-04-22 06.37.12

6:37 am | Thankful for a few extra minutes to sleep in this morning. I wake up when Stella comes in this morning instead of my alarm.

2017-04-22 06.48.47

6:48 am | Thankful for crafts, always. Stella forgot to show me the crafts she made yesterday at school (celebrating earth day) so she brought them to me now. Love this awesome dream catcher. She also made a few bird feeders. When we went downstairs to take Suka out, she wanted to go out too, so Jason helped her put them up in a few trees in the back yard.


8:40 am | Thankful for slow Saturday mornings with no agenda and time to read and drink my tea. I am currently working my way through a stack of library books. Sometimes I am really into borrowing books from the library and other times not so much. Right now I’ve got a big stack, and some on hold.


8:43 am | Thankful for this girl, a big back yard, and her curiosity. She asked to go out on the deck to check if the birds had found her feeders yet. She was still in her pj’s.


10:15 | Thankful that she likes being near me. I am still reading on the couch after she comes in, so she brings her colouring things into the living room to colour beside me. Suka lays on the floor by my feet.

2017-04-22 11.10.08

11:10 am | Thankful for supportive and encouraging friends and healthy competition. Today my best friend invites me to join a step challenge with my fitbit, which prompts me to get out the door for a run. So glad I did.


11:27 am |Thankful for this home. I looked at this counter which tends to be a catch all and was reminded that it’s just a sign of a full busy household.

2017-04-22 12.28.46-1

12:28 pm | Thankful for a full day of fun things ahead of us. Stella and I leave to go to her Saturday afternoon music class.

2017-04-22 12.55.38

12:55 pm | Thankful for this music class. It’s called Sunshine 1 and she takes it through the Music for Young Children program. She loves it and has learned so much this past year.

2017-04-22 12.59.44

12:59 pm | Thankful for her enthusiasm.  She has a recital coming up in the next few weeks and they are practicing the song they will be singing.

2017-04-22 15.25.19

3:25 pm | Thankful for friends who invite us to fun birthday parties. Stella was invited to her friend Lily’s birthday party today that was at the zoo. We all went along. It was pretty cold out and we arrived a little too early and Stella was upset that we couldn’t just go in and see all the animals (as opposed to waiting for all the guests to arrive).



3:49 pm | Thankful for fun and lightheartedness and no fear. Stella was patting this pony and then it decided to give her a big kiss on the head. She clearly thought it was hilarious.


4:20 pm | Thankful for friends who get you. Jenna took this shot of us as we were heading to see more animals. I think this might be a new favourite family photo.

2017-04-22 16.28.38-1

4:28 pm | Just super thankful.

2017-04-22 16.30.35 HDR

2017-04-22 16.42.28 HDR

4:42 pm | Thankful for fun. Jenna and I tried to get selfies with multiple animals at the zoo. I think these goats were looking for a treat.


7:21 pm | Thankful for this amazing friendship. After the zoo Stella and I drove to visit friends for a sleepover, our last stop for the day. Jemita is making low point oatmeal muffins for us to enjoy.




9:41 pm | Thankful for nights exactly like this. The girls played for a bit and then watched a movie in bed. They both fell asleep fast. Jemita and I caught up on all kinds of things, chatting for several hours. We watched a favourite show too, before finally calling it a day.

And that was Saturday. One more day to go!