Week in the Life™ – Sunday Stories


Here we are, the final day of documenting. I had some ups and downs throughout this week – sometimes I was really into the documenting (today) and other times I was less excited (some of the work days). I made it to the end though and I am so glad I did. I am really happy with all the photos together and am really looking forward to bringing them all together into an album in the coming weeks.

Here is a look at Sunday.


7:13 am | Stella is the first to wake, as usual. She ended up in bed with me sometime during the night. As is our custom when we spend the night with our friends, we get up and get ready to go so we don’t wake them, and they are given the chance to sleep in.


7:29 am | As we are preparing to head out the door I take a few minutes to try and get a picture of us getting our things on, as I am playing around with the camera I get this accidental photo of the cat, Angus, coming down to see what we are up to.


7:32 am | Stella remembers that she left her stuffed monkey in the play room, so she goes to find it. I take a self portrait in the hallway mirror.


8:23 am | We drive home and get breakfast when we arrive. Cereal for Stella today.


8:58 am | I want to edit some photos, but my compute isn’t turning on, I can’t seem to figure it out so Jason comes to help me. Turns out the power bar that the monitor was plugged into got switched off somehow. Catastrophe averted.


9:18 am | Stella needs a bath in a bad way from all the fun we had (and dirt we collected) at the zoo yesterday so I fill up the tub and she grabs a bunch of toys. Jason and I both smile to each other as we overhear her playing and chatting away with her toys.


9:20 am | Jason gets his guitar out for some practicing. He has been so busy with work lately that he hasn’t had much chance to play. I am happy to see him take the time today.


10:24 am | After a super long bath, Stella is finally ready to get out and dressed. She loves that I am taking photos today and asks if she can pose. I get a bunch of photos. She asks to see after each snap I take and turns into a fit of giggles and promptly asks me to take another. Love this girl.


10:30 am | She eventually decides to get dressed. She is happy that it is Sunday and she is allowed to wear whatever she wants.


11:22 am | She is back at her table for some colouring and cutting.


12:11 pm | Jason gets some work done. Rarely does a weekend go by that he doesn’t spend at least a few hours catching up on some work.


12:16 pm | I notice the light and our shoes as I head back upstairs after changing some laundry.


12:25 pm | We empty the dishwasher together, often a shared task if we are both around.



12:32 pm | We make salads for lunch.



12:49 pm | We eat lunch together at the table. Stella had a sandwich which she finished before we even sat down.


1:39 pm | Sunday chores.


2:03 pm | Jason’s parents stop in for a visit and ask to take Stella to Tim Horton’s for a hot chocolate and a donut. She is super excited. I decide to head out for a run while they are gone.


3:38 pm | Stella gets back just after I do. She asks if we can “race” in the driveway. I actually love this too and am always impressed with how fast she is.


3:42 pm | After a while I get tired so she switches to riding her bike for a while. I head in to shower.


4:13 pm | After I get showered and dressed I find Stella singing and playing her ukulele downstairs. She is always singing and making up new songs. (Note the outfit change, when she found out she would be going out with Grammie and Papa, she decided she needed to wear a skirt).

2017-04-23 16.21.45

4:21 pm | I fold some clothes and change some more laundry.

2017-04-23 16.36.55

4:36 pm | Then Stella and I leave to run a few errands. First we go to the library to return a few books and pick out some new ones. Stella picks out two. One is all about loud noises, which she is excited about because she just learned about fortissimo in music class yesterday.

2017-04-23 17.16.23

5:16 pm | Next we go to the grocery store.


5:56 pm | After we get home and get the groceries unpacked I start supper. Then its pj’s and a little reading and bed.

Some last thoughts on this project:

In hindsight I wish I had used my big camera more in the first part of the week – I really love the shots I got with it on the weekend. I need to remember that for next time.

When I was able to get some really good photos, it made me even more excited about taking photos and experimenting with my camera. I loved that.

As always I got some amazing photos that will be some of my most favourite, this is one of the reasons I love this project so much.

I loved that my two best friends, while not interested in doing the week long documentation, both chose to do a day in the the life one of the days over the week.

I loved the Week in the Life™ Community and all the support and all the blog posts – having so many like minded memory keepers working on the same project as the same time is just rad. And powerful.

Still just love this project.

Next up I will be working on bringing all the photos and words together into an album. I’m excited to get started.



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