Week in the Life™ – Saturday Stories


Hello Weekend I am so happy you are here. We had tons of fun things on the go today so lots of great photo opportunities. Today I actually took the time to use my big camera and I am SO happy I did. It makes so much difference. Now I really wish I had took more with it through the week. Oh well. I think I might make a goal to only (or mostly) use it for my Sunday photos.

Here is a look at Saturday.

2017-04-22 06.37.12

6:37 am | Thankful for a few extra minutes to sleep in this morning. I wake up when Stella comes in this morning instead of my alarm.

2017-04-22 06.48.47

6:48 am | Thankful for crafts, always. Stella forgot to show me the crafts she made yesterday at school (celebrating earth day) so she brought them to me now. Love this awesome dream catcher. She also made a few bird feeders. When we went downstairs to take Suka out, she wanted to go out too, so Jason helped her put them up in a few trees in the back yard.


8:40 am | Thankful for slow Saturday mornings with no agenda and time to read and drink my tea. I am currently working my way through a stack of library books. Sometimes I am really into borrowing books from the library and other times not so much. Right now I’ve got a big stack, and some on hold.


8:43 am | Thankful for this girl, a big back yard, and her curiosity. She asked to go out on the deck to check if the birds had found her feeders yet. She was still in her pj’s.


10:15 | Thankful that she likes being near me. I am still reading on the couch after she comes in, so she brings her colouring things into the living room to colour beside me. Suka lays on the floor by my feet.

2017-04-22 11.10.08

11:10 am | Thankful for supportive and encouraging friends and healthy competition. Today my best friend invites me to join a step challenge with my fitbit, which prompts me to get out the door for a run. So glad I did.


11:27 am |Thankful for this home. I looked at this counter which tends to be a catch all and was reminded that it’s just a sign of a full busy household.

2017-04-22 12.28.46-1

12:28 pm | Thankful for a full day of fun things ahead of us. Stella and I leave to go to her Saturday afternoon music class.

2017-04-22 12.55.38

12:55 pm | Thankful for this music class. It’s called Sunshine 1 and she takes it through the Music for Young Children program. She loves it and has learned so much this past year.

2017-04-22 12.59.44

12:59 pm | Thankful for her enthusiasm.  She has a recital coming up in the next few weeks and they are practicing the song they will be singing.

2017-04-22 15.25.19

3:25 pm | Thankful for friends who invite us to fun birthday parties. Stella was invited to her friend Lily’s birthday party today that was at the zoo. We all went along. It was pretty cold out and we arrived a little too early and Stella was upset that we couldn’t just go in and see all the animals (as opposed to waiting for all the guests to arrive).



3:49 pm | Thankful for fun and lightheartedness and no fear. Stella was patting this pony and then it decided to give her a big kiss on the head. She clearly thought it was hilarious.


4:20 pm | Thankful for friends who get you. Jenna took this shot of us as we were heading to see more animals. I think this might be a new favourite family photo.

2017-04-22 16.28.38-1

4:28 pm | Just super thankful.

2017-04-22 16.30.35 HDR

2017-04-22 16.42.28 HDR

4:42 pm | Thankful for fun. Jenna and I tried to get selfies with multiple animals at the zoo. I think these goats were looking for a treat.


7:21 pm | Thankful for this amazing friendship. After the zoo Stella and I drove to visit friends for a sleepover, our last stop for the day. Jemita is making low point oatmeal muffins for us to enjoy.




9:41 pm | Thankful for nights exactly like this. The girls played for a bit and then watched a movie in bed. They both fell asleep fast. Jemita and I caught up on all kinds of things, chatting for several hours. We watched a favourite show too, before finally calling it a day.

And that was Saturday. One more day to go!








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