Week in the Life™ – Wednesday Stories


Hello Wednesday. It’s day three and I feel like I have hit the groove in this week long project. I have been trying each day to get creative with some of my shots (particularly when I am doing the same things each day).

Here’s a look at Wednesday.

2017-04-19 06.07.48

6:07 am \\ On Wednesdays (and most days) I let this guy outside in the morning. He is always very excited to see me rousing in the morning. Today I decide to come downstairs and let him our first thing. He is always quick on this first trip out for the day and anxious to get back inside for breakfast.

2017-04-19 06.24.32

6:24 am \\ On Wednesdays Stella usually gets up with me and waits while I shower, today she needed a shower too since she opted out of bath time last night. Lately she has been choosing a shower over a bath much more often and most recently she is choosing a morning shower over nighttime.

2017-04-19 06.35.05

6:35 am \\ On Wednesdays I have my usual breakfast of a banana and an english muffin with peanut butter. I have been working really hard on drinking lots of water lately so I have a glass with my breakfast today.

2017-04-19 07.05.03

7:05 am \\ On Wednesdays I make a tiny bit more effort when getting ready in the morning since I have a day and evening job. Stella takes this shot of me as I am putting on make up this morning.

2017-04-19 07.58.50

7:58 am \\ On Wednesdays I arrive at work early (between 7:45-8:00) because I leave early for my Wednesday evening job. I get out my swipe card and walk though this door every work day.

2017-04-19 08.41.54

8:41 am \\ On Wednesdays my desk looks like this. My agenda, morning tea and my e-mail open on my computer.

2017-04-19 10.28.57

10:28 am \\ On Wednesdays I usually spent most of my work day here at this desk, planning and making calls. Again with that big bottle of water.

2017-04-19 11.07.22

11:07 am \\ On Wednesdays I continue to work though the morning, still at my desk.

2017-04-19 12.25.44

12:25 pm \\ On Wednesdays (and any other day that I can, now that it’s getting warmer) I join co-workers (a changing cast) on a walk on the trail by our office. It is always such a nice change of scenery to get out of the office midday to break up a long day at my desk. So thankful for the sunshine.

2017-04-19 13.21.16

1:21 pm \\ On Wednesdays I fill up my water bottle again (and again) in our office kitchen.

2017-04-19 16.07.31-1

4:07 pm \\ On Wednesdays I leave the office early and make the commute home for my Wednesday evening job. I enjoy the sunshine again and listen to the radio today as I drive.

2017-04-19 16.38.08 HDR

4:38 pm \\ On Wednesdays I make a quick stop at home to let this guy out after a long day before heading out again. He is always so happy to see me. We have been giving him those new treats that help clean his teeth, he chooses to carry it around for hours before actually eating it.

2017-04-19 17.42.18

5:42 pm \\ On Wednesdays I work as a receptionist at a Weight Watchers meeting in my town. Tonight we are busy with some new folks and a great turnout of regular members. Love this group right now, lots of motivation and support.

2017-04-19 17.57.49

2017-04-19 18.04.55

6:04 pm \\ On Wednesdays I do all my paperwork during the meeting. My best friend takes this shot of me without me knowing. Love when friends just get you and this project.

2017-04-19 18.15.22 HDR

6:15 pm \\ On Wednesdays I get to see my two best friends at the meeting. Love that they let me get this selfie before they leave.

2017-04-19 19.04.49

7:04 pm \\ On Wednesdays I get home well after supper and it’s almost bedtime for this girl. She is enjoying some screen time and a snack before bed when I get home tonight. Gold fish has been her snack of choice lately.

2017-04-19 19.05.43

7:04 pm \\ On Wednesdays I am so happy to see this face after a long day. We catch up on the day.

2017-04-19 19.45.37

7:45 pm \\ On Wednesdays I tuck this sweet girl into bed with a kiss and a hug and a song.

After that I do some photo editing and hang out with Jason on the couch for a bit and then go to bed myself before very long.

Wednesdays are long days for me. I am always happy to get home and into bed.

I have mostly been using my phone camera for this week and as a result don’t always love the photo colour or quality, so I have been changing a lot of my photos to black and white (much more than I usually would) but I am really liking how they look.

Hope your week is going well!


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