Week in the Life™ – Tuesday Stories


I’m back to share a look at Tuesday. If you are just popping in check out my previous blog post for more details. Today I was back to work and my regular routine. I took less photos than yesterday, but still got a pretty good look at my day.

2017-04-18 06.23.50

6:23 am \\ Around here I get out of bed and head straight to the shower. After the long weekend I did not want to get out of bed.

2017-04-18 06.40.09

6:40 am \\ Around here Stella is eating breakfast when I come downstairs from my shower. Jason is up and getting his breakfast. I get mine too. Stella is having toast this morning, most mornings she opts for cereal.

2017-04-18 07.12.53

7:12 am \\ Around here she is mostly getting ready herself in the mornings with just some prompting on what still needs to be done and what comes next. Her least favourite thing is getting her hair brushed. She continues to love that pink velvet skirt which is a dress-up skirt she has on over her pants. She takes this off before leaving for school. Jason takes her to the bus stop.

2017-04-18 07.51.34 HDR

7:51 am \\ Around here I spend a lot of time in the car. After a stop at Tim Horton’s for tea I begin my 45 minute commute into the city for work. Sometimes I listen to the radio sometimes I just like to be in my head.

2017-04-18 09.28.05

9:28 am \\ Around here I spend most of my work day here at my desk.

2017-04-18 11.17.42

11:17 am \\ Around here this is my daily view. Lately with a new role I have taken on at work I have been using my bulletin board to hold a lot more of the little bits that I need for different parts of my job. I’ve also been drinking water A LOT more these days. I’ve been using this 25 oz water bottle to keep me on target for my daily water consumption. It seems to help. Daily texts with Jemita and Jenna also help to get me on track (we help each other).

2017-04-18 12.07.40

12:07 pm \\ Around here my co-worker and I got for a quick walk at lunch time. It is not very warm out and we are happy to get back to the office. We break together for lunch.

2017-04-18 15.29.30

3:29 pm \\ Around here I am back at my desk after a home assessment with a client. We just hired a new staff member so I took her along with me.

2017-04-18 17.03.50 HDR

5:03 pm \\ Around here the sun is out and I am happy to be on my way home at the end of the day.

2017-04-18 17.04.20

2017-04-18 17.37.06 HDR

5:37 pm \\ Around here I am so happy to see these faces when I arrive home. I ask if they will take a quick selfie with me and they happily agree.

2017-04-18 18.26.46 HDR

6:26 pm \\ Around here we head outside for a bit of playtime before bed. Stella chooses to ride her bike a bit.

2017-04-18 18.27.15

6:27 pm \\ Around here Jason plays catch with Suka in the back yard. This is definitely Suka’s favourite part of the day.

2017-04-18 18.28.49-1

6:35 pm \\ Around here Stella and I still love to ‘race’, we start out with her on the bicycle and then she decides she wants to run too. We both love this and get winded after a while. She always impresses me with her speed.

2017-04-18 18.58.16

6:58 pm \\ Around her we head back inside for some music homework before bed. Stella has  a recital coming up in May and needs to especially practice her pieces for that.

2017-04-18 19.28.38

7:28 pm \\ Around here I help Jason get our tax stuff organized to take to our account tomorrow. I do some shredding while he gets everything together.

2017-04-18 19.35.32

7:35 pm \\ Around here I tuck Stella into bed. She is tired and falls asleep really quick tonight.

2017-04-18 20.42.46

8:42 pm \\ Around here I have a snack while I edit some photos and get a blog post ready before heading to bed.

That is a look at my Tuesday. I felt like I didn’t get a lot of variety in my daily photos (since most of my day is spent at the same desk) but now that I am looking back through my photos, I feel like it still tells a good story.

On to tomorrow!








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