December Daily® Day 9-25


I was hoping to get back on here sooner to share more pages, but alas, as the season often goes I just didn’t get the time (or the daylight hours to take photos, more accurately). So, here comes a huge post with the rest of my album from day 9 through to Christmas day.


December 9th | Today we had an unexpected snow day. So, it was easy to pick my story for the day. I used a lot of supplies from the Ali Edwards Main kit for this page and a stamp from an older no longer available set. I printed this photo at 6×8 and punched holes and put in directly into my album. I added an avery index tab.


It opens up to this full double page photo (printed at 12×8 and cut in half) I took of the front of our house. I had pinned something similar on pinterest  and loved how it looked and wanted to try something like it. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s hard to read in this photo, but I added my typed journaling directly onto the photo before printing and digital word art from the Jasmine Jones digital kit.


December 10th | We attended a music recital for my daughter on this day. I had our tickets and the program that I wanted to use so I created a pocket on the back of the large 6×8 photo from the day before and then added the falala plastic piece to the front. On the right side I used a digital layered template the came  from the Ali Edwards’ Hybrid class.


December 11th | Today we had a small birthday party for my daughter, who turned 5 on the 13th. I printed a large 6×8 photo of her for the left and on the right I added a card from the Paislee Press kit and a 3×4 photo of my daughter opening a gift and paired that with a 4×6 journal card from the main kit. I typed my journaling to get more of the story in and then printed it out directly onto the card.


December 12th | Today I told a story about taking some time to read a few Christmas books to my daughter. I just made a very simple page with a photo, journal card and some typed journaling that I printed out on a digital journal card from the Paislee Press kit.


December 13th | This was my daughter’s actual birthday. I started out with this tag that I had from my stash and paired some stamped journaling with some hand writing and a date stamp on the bottom. The star and ribbon are from the main kit. I also added an avery index tab on the side.


On the bag on the tag I used some star patterned paper from the main kit and a wood veneer 13 (old). On the right side I added a couple photos. On the bottom I created a flip up card to reveal another hidden photo.



December 14th | This was my birthday so I created another very simple page to document it. On the bottom I cut some card stock to 4×6 and glued down the  journal card (from the Jasmine Jones kit) to one side, added a stamp and hand wrote my journaling and called it good. I added the 14 from this digital stamp set before printing the photo.


December 15th | For this day I used an idea that Ali herself had done (see here) I created tags for each person in my family and on the back we each wrote a few things about Christmas. Love having this in my album.


December 16th | I have been very involved in a Holiday Cheer program through my work and it’s basically been taking over my December so I really wanted to make sure I documented that in my album. Here I used a digital layered template to write out the story. I added the plastic word Cheer from an old Story kit.


December 17th | Here I documented the story of our elf. A very simple page. I just hand wrote journaling on a card, and used a filler journal card from Jasmine Jones kit and a filler card from the main kit (with an older 17 number from a previous years kit).


December 18th | I think this might be my favourite page from the album. I added the letter stickers (from the main kit) right on top of the page protector. Then using an idea from the DD Facebook group, I printed those words from an older Ali Edwards digital kit and hand wrote my journaling.


December 19th | On this day I wrote about my friend and I having a movie date. I printed that photo of us holding our Starbucks drinks big and then trimmed it down to fit into those 2×2 pockets. I had just trimmed one row off the side of that page protector.


December 20th | This was  another simple day. I just one photo of all the Cheer gift bags I was putting together at work with a journal card that said 10 things from the main kit. I just hand wrote about 10 things that were happening that day. I also added in a Christmas card my daughter had made for me. I just punched holes and added it in.


December 21st | I had a carol sing at work on this day with a group of seniors so I told that story here. On the photo I used some word art form an Ali Edwards digital layered template. The journal card is from the Paislee Press kit.


December 22nd | This was one of those days that I was super busy and didn’t take any photos. I still wanted to tell the story of wrapping gifts and our paper so I added that in for this day. The digital word art was from freebie from Ali Edwards, found here. For the journaling I printed it out on the back on one of the patterned papers from the main kit (which has a grid pattern) then added the number, a stamp and some embellishments.  On the right is  a 3×8 page protector with some patterned paper (Paislee Press) and embellishments.


December 23rd | I told the story of getting the opportunity to deliver some of the gift bags I helped to organize over the month here. I used a 3×8 digital layered template (here) and a large star from the Surprise story kit. The photo was printed at 6×8 and I added some masking tape from an older kit.


December 24th | After a busy month we needed some peace and calm. I told the story of a quite Christmas Eve in, here. I used lots of supplies from the main, and journal cards from Jasmine Jones and Paislee Press kits.


December 25th | Lastly I did two spreads for Christmas day. I wanted to include a lot of photos to give a good look at our day.


I ended with an enlarged photo of our family, a journal card (Jasmine Jones) and I hand wrote, mixed with stamps, some things I want to remember about our day.


And I finished off with this full page from Jasmine Jones.

And that, my friends, just about does it. I loved doing this project, as always, and I think this might be the first year I have completed the entire thing before the New Year. I always finish, just usually it goes into January. I am so happy to call this done and add it to my collection. Happy New Year to you all!



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