Busy creating.

Lately, I’ve definitely been in the season of creating. It absolutely comes and goes, but I have been so happy to be able to get more stories told. I keep a list of story ideas and when I have time to create or write I check my list and see what stories I feel like telling at that time.

For the first layout I used the Tough story kit from Ali Edwards from a few months ago. I actually had the journaling done for this page for a while and finally put it all together to make a page.



I’m super happy to get this story told.

For the next page I used the Believe story kit from Ali Edwards . The original idea for this page came from the Ali Edwards classroom (an online class that comes as part of the story kit subscription through Ali Edwards subscription program). It the video presentation for this theme she talked about creating a list of things you believe in. I loved this idea and started a list right away. When I was looking through my story ideas I realized I had a good list and wanted to get that story told.



Again, I’m just so thankful to have that story captured on paper.


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