Day in the Life

Today I joined Ali Edwards to document a day in my life – this is a documenting project first introduced by Ali whereby you take lots of photos and notes and document one day in your life.

Here’s a look at my day in photos:

5:01 | got up and dressed for an early morning run.

6:02 | return home from 5k. Take this shot in the semi dark.


6:04 | the messiness of life right now. So much footwear for the season transitions.


Shower and eat breakfast.

7:01 | Head upstairs for a snuggle with Stella to wake her up.


7:15 | Teeth brushing.


We say goodbyes to Daddy and head out the door.

7:44 | Stop for tea at Tim Horton’s.


7:45 | on our way to daycare.


8:03 | the commute begins.


9:07 | at my desk, ready to start the work day.


10:14 | I sign up online for a 5k run that is coming up in May that I am running with a friend.


11:06 | work, work, work.


11:45 | take a walk to the grocery store to get away from my desk for a bit.

FullSizeRender (1)

2:31 | back in the car, head to a client home for an assessment.


4:40 | commute home, rainy and slushy drive home.


I go to a community meeting re:health care in our communities.

7:40 | I go to the hall where Jay has boxing class tonight to pick up Stella who went with him until I finished my meeting.


7:41 | Quick selfie before Stella and I head home.


7:55 | an Easter parcel arrived from Nanny and Grampie for Stella. She opens it up.


7:57 | new boots!


8:08 | a quick story before bed.


8:11 | and another selfie.


I tidy  up a bit and then upload and edit photos.

10:05 | a bit of reading before bed.


10:59 | lights out (later than I had planned).


I decided a fun addition to documenting the day with photos would be to also keep track of the day via numbers. Here are the results:

Money spent: $66.51

Photos taken: 37

Temperature: 4 degrees

Steps taken: 15 076

Emails received: 25

E-mails sent: 10

Time spent in the car: 164 minutes

Texts sent: 144 (holy cow!)

Texts received: 186!!

Hugs given: countless 🙂


Thanks for taking a look at my day. I’ll be sure to share here how I pull it all together into my scrapbook album.





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