Project Life – Getting caught up

I’ve got two more weeks of Project Life to share today. I love this project so much. Some weeks a lot more happens and I have more time to get crafty with my photos, other weeks I just want to get it done or maybe didn’t take as many photos. When I look at it all together though, I love to see this brief look at our lives and a glimpse at what we are up to on any particular week. I am so motivated right now with this project and l feel excited to get to work on it. I hope I can keep this momentum up this year.

Here’s a look at February 15th to 21st :


This week I seemed to take a lot more photos so it resulted in my adding in a half page insert. I also used some digital word art from Ali Edwards and some journal cards from her as well.




I still love the simplicity of just adding writing right onto the photos. So easy and gets more of the story told.


Next up February 22nd to February 28th:


This week I definitely had less photos and used less ‘decoration’ overall, but still love seeing another week in the books.



And that wraps up February. Now I’m off to work on the first week of March. Thanks for stopping by.


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