Pocket Scrapbooking – Week 6

Today I am sharing one of my current favourite scrapbook projects. After doing this style of scrapbooking for 5 years (this will be the 6th) I can honestly say I still love it. In fact, I was talking with a friend about it this past weekend and we both agreed that we are most excited about this style of memory keeping at the moment. I will never (or at least can’t imagine) give up doing traditional layouts, and certainly in the past five years there have been times where my creativity, excitement and commitment to this project waned, but looking back I am so so glad I have those albums. I am so glad I have all those stories collected together to remember my life.

Here is a look at the full spread:


This week included pajama day for my daughter at day care, some everyday life, a sledding trip to a hill we haven’t visited before, a new GT for my husband (ahem), I mean daughter and a visit with my in-laws. I had quite a few photos that I wanted to include from our sledding adventure, so I decided to add an insert in the spread.

Right side of insert:


(I apologize for the glare on the photos, I am still learning how to best capture these spreads).

Left side:


Here is a closer look at the right side:


And the left side:


And that is a look at my week 6. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed.



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